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  • How many bottles of wine in a batch and how long does it take?
    The batch typically consists of 30, 750ml bottles and will be ready in 4-6 weeks. The entire process involves approximately 30 minutes of your time.
  • What are the costs for wine?
    Prices range from $100 to $165 for a batch of wine. The price includes taxes, corks, sleeves and labels. Find more pricing information.
  • What types of bottles are used?
    Any glass bottle will work. If needed, we sell bottles for $1 each. We have an automatic bottle sanitizer for you to use.
  • How long should the wine age before drinking?
    We usually recommend aging the wine the same length of time at home as it is in the store. The general rule is that "the higher the quality of wine, the longer it should cellar.”
  • How long does the wine last?
    The higher the quality the longer it can cellar. The intro level varieties should be consumed within the year. The top level can be aged as long as a couple of years.
  • What types of grapes are there to choose from?
    At each level, there are approximately 10 different grapes to choose from. Such white grapes as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Chardonnay, etc., are available in each level as well as red ones like Amorone, Cabernet, Shiraz and Pinot Noir, etc.
  • What is the cost of beer and how long does it take?
    A batch of beer sells for $95 - $120 and it takes 2 -3 weeks to make.
  • How much beer is in a batch?
    Each batch of beer is equivalent to 6 cases of 24. It can be stored in either bottles or cans.
  • What types of beer can we choose from?
    There are about 30 regularly-used recipes and another 10 specialty beers. Styles include lagers, ales, pilsners, etc.
  • What if we are unsatisfied with the product?
    Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy, please let us know and we can make you another batch. If we still can't please you, then we will provide a full refund.
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