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Pouring Beer

Create Your Very Own Wine & Beer!

Oshawa Beer Making in the Styles of Your Choice

Make Your On Beer

Whether you are interested in making a crisp, refreshing lager or a rich, dark stout, Still Brewing offers beer making in Oshawa in the exact style of your choice. We are pleased to work with first-timers and experienced amateurs looking to hone their skills.

Still Brewing stocks an impressive variety of beer kits and accessories to satisfy the tastes and preferences of any connoisseur. Once you have selected one of our premium kits, you can complement it with our liquid yeasts, grains and hops.

Kettle Beer for a Superior Taste!

Using the same copper kettle and cold-filtering techniques as many micro-breweries, Still Brewing is pleased to offer kettle beer. As a sister company to Still Water, we use only the purest, filtered water for both are beer and wine. You will enjoy a natural, great-tasting beer with no preservatives or additives.

Your homemade beer will not only taste great, but you’ll have the satisfaction of brewing it yourself. Contact us if you’re ready to get started.

Beer Styles & Pricing

Your beer will be ready in 2 weeks and has 48 litres in every batch. You can choose from a wide selection of styles, both domestic and import. Let us know what kind of beer you normally drink and we can match the flavour! Be sure to ask about our 5-minute brew.

Some of our popular varieties include:

  • Czech pilsner 

  • Aussie lager 

  • Canadian lager 

  • Zack’s lager 

  • Beechwood lager 

  • Red beer 

  • Dry 

  • Light beer 

  • Pale Ale 

  • Mexican Lager 

  • Octoberfest Lager 

  • English Ale 

  • Stout

Canned Beer, 6 Cases of Cans - $180

Make use of our on-site canner to enjoy your beer in cans. There is nothing to wash, nothing to store and nothing to lose!

Our beer can be bottled, canned and used in keg systems. There is a $20 keg rental fee.

Bottled Beer, 4 Cases of 500ml Bottles - $135

Bottles are not included but are reusable

  • We offer 24, 500ml bottles for just $20

  • Add $5 for premium beer 

  • All prices include tax

Make Your Own Beer

Learn the art of brewing your own beer from our master brewers

Wine & Beer 101

Read about the styles we have available

Have Questions?

We are here to help you learn all about wine and beer

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